Sunday, December 13, 2009

NRI Kshirin Studying in University of Alberta Canada

If you are planning on moving to Canada, from India, Pakistan or the Middle East or wherever you live now, thinking that your life is going to be like what you see in foreign magazines or English movies . . . wake up . . . you are dreaming!!

I live in a relatively mixed neighborhood Indians, Canadians, Philippino’s and Pakistanis. I have met many Indians who have moved both from India and from other countries, especially the Middle East. One thing in common with nearly everybody you meet? Their opinion of having moved to Canada quickly becomes apparent. Conversations normally begin with, ‘So, have you found a job yet?’, or, ‘Are you still living in a basement?’

I am also migrated from India and after long sacrifice able to enjoy the dream life. Any how let tell you who I am, I’m Kshirin a graduate from University of Alberta Canada. I am Indian and permanently belong to Chandigarh, India missing my friends from India that’s why I am seeking to make some friends. I am regular reader of pk from 03 months. If anybody wana information about Canadian universities, immigration etc please contact me any time. I will be very happy to guide / help my Desi friends.

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